do you have any rain to wring?

do you have, do you have
any rain to wring?

it must be rain, rain-soaked, rain-filled –
not any old wet thing

I specialize in wringing rain
the rain-wring is my thing

so, do you have, please, do you have
any rain to wring?

I wrote this poem in my head Sunday getting off the Broad Street line and heading into the Eagles game, and at the time I was kicking myself for not having a pen in my jacket. Fortunately, I remembered it later that night.

Unfortunately, I cannot forget the sight of Andy Reid calling four straight passing plays from first and goal at the five right after he called two runs to McCoy in exactly the same circumstance earlier in the game and Shady punched it in on the second carry…

…or Wes Welker being that wide open on his first TD catch…

…I’ll quit while I’m behind.


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