San Diego Exburbs Serenade

Never felt the floor ’til I got down on my knees.
Never saw the forest ’til they burned down all the trees.
Never missed the bakery ’til they banned making bread.
Never saw things your way until I put on your head.

Never really heard your voice ’til you never called.
Never grew my hair long ’til I was already bald.
Never went all the way to empty ’til I needed gasoline.
Never bounced a check ’til I got stuck on a trampoline.

Never saw The Real World ’til my TV went black.
Never ate a salmon steak ’til I nearly died of a heart attack.
Never noticed you wore glasses until I looked up at your eye.
Never drank the Kool-Aid until my well it went dry.

After “San Diego Serenade” one of my – and I’m sure a lot of people’s – favorite Tom Waits songs.

For some reason I was thinking about it today, and this came out. I’d actually like to try recording this.


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