A Christmas Miracle

I remember it like it was last year.

It was the day before Christmas 2009 and we had a crapload of orders that needed to be loaded into the trucks. But wouldn’t you know it? The back door to the warehouse was jammed.

Mike, Bob, Tim, me – all the guys in the warehouse – we couldn’t bust the sucker open, no matter how hard we tried.

The drivers were no use. They were union.

So we called our V.P. of Operations, who had taken the week off, and told him about the problem. He yelled at us a little, but ended up coming in to personally inspect the situation.

After he applied some industrial lubricant to the door railings, we tried the door once again.

Guess what? It worked!

“Why couldn’t any of you stupid fucking monkeys do that on your own?” he asked, walking away.

Then he turned.

“Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas.”



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