People in France

What are people in France like?
They’re like the people in France.

What do people in France like?
France! France! France!

Why do people in France like?
It comes naturally.

How do people in France like?
Oui! Oui! Oui!

candle, candle

candle, candle
burning bright
I’m scared of you
you give me fright

I’m too afraid
to even shout
candle, candle
please blow yourself out

Our Farm of Snow

We moved up to the far North, we planted plenty,
We waited, but our farm stayed empty.
We weren’t farmers, we didn’t know,
You can’t grow potatoes in the snow.

We tried again, this farming deal.
We tried a penguin, we tried a seal.
We planted a walrus, a small Eskimo,
But nothing grew out of our farm of snow.

Caught in despair, caught deep in its throes,
We made some snowmen between the rows,
And the next day, much to our wondrous surprise,
They’d grown carrots for noses, dots of coal for their eyes!

We made more snowmen, with great joy and great care,
And the next day, more coal and carrots were there.
We don’t quite understand the how, why or when,
But we now grow our carrots by making snowmen.


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