Be True, B2

Be true,
all the way from ole Missou,

are you making your 25-hour round trip excursion
to drop a belly full of ordnance,
give a message to a Persian,
or did I ran ahead of myself?

Be true,
What treats are inside you?

Is that a bunker buster
under you thruster
or are you just glad to see me?

Is that a daisy cutter for Qatar
or aren’t we there yet?

I don’t mean to be unpatriotic,
and this may sound a bit snide,
but I don’t remember any stealth bombers
over Rwanda during the genocide.

For shame.
For sure –
no oil, no cure.

Dafur? What for?
No oil, Dafur
So you don’t get a bomber’s bellyful
of our 500-ton cure.

“Spreading Democracy” is code for liberation
that gets pulled out whenever we have a unique situation
like the threat of oil not reaching its intended destination
which just happens to be our own very great nation!

Go figure!

as you sit in front of your TV’s
playing first-person shooters
and pulling the trigger.

Yes, fling those Tomahawks from our missile destroyers
those nuclear subs lurking under the waters
we don’t need any foot soldiers putting their feet across borders –
until things don’t go quite as planned
(Shock and…aw, shit!
looks like we’re going in.)

Why the need for guile
the need for stealth?
Say it plainly, dear generals on cable
– oil means so much to the national health.

Be true,
all the way from ole Missou,

you went over the wild blew up that thing over yonder
so we can drive our Chevy SUVs
as far and long as our wallets can please –
and make fun of that candy-ass in his hybrid Honda.

square clear light

mount the moon
bring your feet for fetes
mom’s soft moments
the footmen mum about the mess

tons of fumes, sons from flumes
pick the memories from a menu
and serve it to the guests

it’s the fairy dust that make the moments float
a fount of forget that raises hopes
as deNile is wrapped around us and it functions as a moat

plink plink plink drop what you’re thinking
plink plink plink that’s the sound of sinking
all the heavy things to not be brought up
as everything tastes better from an opaque cup

drink drink drink out of mouth out of mind
clink clink clink that’s the reel, don’t rewind
it’s annoying at first, I see what you mean
but stick around kid, you’ll learn to love the scene –
square clear light on a bare clear screen

Other Strategies

Unforeseen events have resulted
and may continue to result in
an unusually high degree of exposure to
real events
and the resulting effect on such
anticipated levels of unforeseen events –
unusually difficult to identify –
could limit or preclude objective behavior.

Therefore, it is important to understand that
instability has resulted in
entities taking actions
to address the broad sweeping fact that
future ultimate impact is not yet certain.

As a result,
there can be no assurance that
potentially effective assurance
can be made that the entity (or other entity)
will continue action in response to the
effect of such actions, if taken.

composed by blacking out “Notes to Financial Statements” page 25 of “2010 Annual Report – Janus Aspen Series – Janus Aspen Worldwide Portfolio”


A counterparty
subject to the counterparty
will not arise because of the
the counterparty’s activities and developments,
or other reasons,
whether foreseen or not.

A counterparty’s obligation
to recover its counterparty
may be delayed.

The extent of the counterparty
in respect to their recorded Statement of counterparty:

through participation including,
but not limited to,
third parties
whereby one or more types
as well as,
but not limited to,
various types of counterparties
at the time of analysis of a counterparty’s conditions,
to the extent that a limited number of counterparties
will have one or more counterparties.

composed by blacking out “Notes to Financial Statements” page 25 of “2010 Annual Report – Janus Aspen Series – Janus Aspen Worldwide Portfolio”

Add Information

Limitations agreed to:

Scale at a fixed rate
without any breakpoints
any limitations
below the limitations of adequate scale
that have remained constant
have caused relative breakpoints
also noted
directly in scale
through the lower combined scale
of all the information
of each reasonable sharing
between scale at the current level.

Other Benefits:

The considered benefits
that accrue to relationships
recognized as transfer for
past and proposed types of arrangements
obtain consistent likely benefit
each concluded
pursuant to the therefore,
and potentially concluded
from the receipt of acquired transactions of the benefit
from other further success,

attract that success

enhance ability to serve
the above factors
as well as other factors
each of whom is
proposed continuation
of the applicable
best interest.

composed by blacking out “Additional Information (unaudited)” page 36 of “2010 Annual Report – Janus Aspen Series – Janus Aspen Worldwide Portfolio”

test State tin

five with two
which still remain half
against et al. v. Inc. et al.
formerly referred to as No. 04-CV-008
ostensibly in the First Fourth
reversed order of developments
grant the remaining related parties
the future
currently pending
to continue years after
and for interim periods

composed by blacking out “Notes to Financial Statements” page 32 of “2010 Annual Report – Janus Aspen Series – Janus Aspen Worldwide Portfolio”

10. Subsequent Event

Management has evaluated whether any event occurred and determined that there were no events.

composed by blacking out “Notes to Financial Statements” page 32 of “2010 Annual Report – Janus Aspen Series – Janus Aspen Worldwide

Dependent Public Firm

In our opinion, the accompanying schedule of changes present material
constituting results in conformity with accepted states of mistatement
supporting our opinion.


composed by blacking out “Report of Independent Registered Public
Accounting firm,” page 33 of “2010 Annual Report – Janus Aspen Series – Janus Aspen Worldwide Portfolio”

Don’t Be That Band

I heard a band last night
so loud
I’m still hearing them
this morning

which is fine if they were a
punk band
but they played after a
poetry reading

in an unplugged format featuring
three dudes
on an electro-acoustic, a Strat
and bongos

who redefined the concept of unplugged, as
The Who
in their heyday played at a much
lower volume

even though The Who were playing
large arenas
and these guys were in a small room that barely
sat 40.

I thought it would be rude to stick balled up napkins in
my ears,
so I just hoped against the odds for some kind of
amp malfunction

which never happened, and then kept futilely praying that the
next song
would be called “Turning Down the Volume” or maybe
“Barely Audible.”

My friend Dave leaned over and yelled, “Just because it goes
to eleven,
doesn’t mean that you have to always play it
at eleven.”

At one point I loudly confessed to anyone who could
hear me
that I, being omnipotent, was unilaterally deciding to
ban music

from the planet and vowed to go to home and
throw out
all of my CD’s and replace them with a single CD of
inaudible whispers.

But this morning, I grabbed “Basher: The Very Best of
Nick Lowe”
and listened to cranked up in the small chamber of
my car

and wondered why I’ve never heard
any band
ever do a cover of “Heart of the City,” and thought how
someone should,

and sat their in traffic thinking who would be the
right band
to cover this song, then listened two more times
listening closer

to how on the first verse the narrator is just looking for
“a home”
and then in the other verses it’s “a lover” then
“the beat,”

and how “a bird in the hand, is worth two on
the street”
is an even better line when you realize what “a bird” means to
a Brit,

thinking how Lou Reed may have sang words about heroin, but on “Big Kick,
Plain Scrap,”
Nick Lowe makes a lone guitar convincingly mimic the sound of the needle
going in

and loving how on “36 Inches High,” in the first 2 verses he sets up the phrase
“get over”
just to be able to pull the rug out from under the phrase itself in the
last verse

and felt glad that I didn’t really possess powers
of omnipotence
and ban all music on a whim – that there still was music to
be heard

So I guess the moral of the story
is simple –
it’s good to be in a band; just don’t be in
THAT band.

Beautiful to Me

My Godfather’s name is Dante, but everyone calls him Frito.
        He earned his nickname during the war on R&R in Thailand
when he won $50 from my dad and his buddies on a dare
        to swallow entire bag of Frito’s without chewing, and
then when they got back in country, kept thinking he’d caught a tapeworm.
        I guess Frito is a better name than tapeworm.

When I mention my Godfather Frito to folks, if he’s not there with me
        they immediately think of Fredo from “The Godfather,”
and try to correct me saying, “You mean Fredo don’t you?”
        like I don’t know the name of my own Godfather.
I say “No, Frito.” “Like in the corn chip?”
        “Yes, like in the corn chip, but saltier.”

If he’s there with me, I introduce him as my Godmother Frito
        and they think I’ve just said “Frida” as in “Frida Kahlo.”
He doesn’t have a small portrait of himself in the middle of his forehead,
        and as far as I know was never married to Diego Rivera,
but when he’s in public, he dresses like a woman. Everyone has their thing –
        that’s his thing. And he’s also a very big man – he’s no Kate Moss.

One Saturday every month, I drive him to a mall over in Jersey,
        where they have a Victoria’s Secret, and he spends a good hour
trying on bras and lingerie, prancing around and doing his “aren’t I so sexy” strut
        outside the dressing room. The cashiers there know him – and me – by now.
They don’t care that his name is Frito. They have their own name for him
        they use when they think that no one can hear them. They call him “The Freak.”

And it burns me up to see how they smile so politely at him when they ring us up.
        My dad made him my godfather in his last letter home. When I was eight,
he gave my dad’s dog tags to me, and when I turned 16 he taught me to drive.
        He watched over me, when I needed watching over. Now I watch over him,
since the diabetes took both his eyes. I pick out the bras and negligee he’ll never see,
        that he just feels, and tell him he looks beautiful to me. And mean it.

I went to a reading sponsored by Philadelphia’s Painted Bride Quarterly earlier this week at which my friend Sarah Rose Etter read some of her amazing work. At the end of the reading, the moderator from PBQ asked for 3 words from the audience to use as writing prompts. I heard them as “frito, moss, strut” (although now that I look at their Facebook page, “moss” was actually “mossy” – oh well) and this is the poem I came up with.


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