Ask Jeeves “Why Do Good People Die and Bad People Live On?”

Why do Good People Die and Bad People Live on?

This question has been asked in one form or another by people
who see their dead National Guard colleague’s wife and child
now have to live on without a husband and father.

In this context, it is tangentially related to the question of:
“Why is it that the ‘good’ young men and women of our country
have to die in a war against religious fanatics bent on the destruction of freedom
and devoted to the subjugation of the world to their ideology?”

However, some people say there is only one question which really matters:
“Why do bad things happen to good people?”
And that all other theological conversation is intellectually diverting.

* * * * *

Bad things happen to good people everyday.
Bad things happen to all people and life often seems very unfair.

The Bible takes an entire book to deal with this mind-bending problem of ‘bad things to good people’ in the life of Job. He loses his children, his wealth and his health.
All he has left is a wife.

A few years ago, a Jewish rabbi wrote a book entitled, “Why bad things happen to good people,” which was widely reported in the news. As always, brilliant stuff.

Harold S. Kushner experienced tragedy first hand when his son died at age 14. Kushner explores many of the ways that people try to understand why terrible things happen to their loved ones.

He writes: “I have seen the wrong people get sick, the wrong people be hurt, the wrong people die young.”

So why do good people suffer such bad things?

The Rabbi’s answer is that “God wants the righteous to live peaceful, happy lives, but sometimes even He can’t bring that about” (p. 43). Why? Because God Himself “is not perfect…” (p. 148). If God were all-perfect the world would not be so imperfect as it obviously is.

But I still want to know why do bad people live until their one hundred and good people can die at nineteen?

* * * * *

I’m an Indigo child and I truthfully have no idea why.

This is confusing since most people would assume that
my belief is that good people are taken from this world
because God needs them more than we do.
For example, because God just can’t wait to make them angels.
(remember how God took Enoch into heaven?)

It’s said that the length of your life has nothing to do with if one is “good” or “bad”.

But for me, i always think good people live a shorter life
and bad people live a longer life.

Innocent people seem to suffer a lot. even innocent children and babies die.

i don’t know its coincidence or what,
but most of the time, for those who die young,
most of them seems to have a very nice character

For example, when school kids/teenagers die,
the headteacher ALWAYS knew them well,
and they were ALWAYS good, respectful pupils
who were ALWAYS the most popular person in the school.

People ask “Why did god kill them by making the air bag fail?”

* * * * *

It could be that bad people live longer
because God is still being merciful enough
to let them have their fun in this life
because he knows in hell the party is over.

It could be that God intervenes because the soul in question still needs saving or still has more work to do (not good enough to die yet).

Says the Lord GOD, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live.’

I’m not willing to accept that explanation.

* * * * *

Good people die young. Bad people will live to 100. Marathon runners drop dead from heart attacks. Good kids turn bad. I’ve seen people swim on beaches with shark warnings posted. I’ve watched divers, without a clue about how to put on their fins, sink to 170 feet, get lost, and surface right next to the boat.

Billions of People are Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius

Random cells go cancerous in good people. Random car accidents happen and kill both good and bad people.

Sgt. Nathaniel T. Swindell honored this country with two tours and was proud to be an infantry soldier. He never gave up! He was shot by “friendly fire” and nothing happened to his killer. This is the world we live in! Good people die, bad men win, and families are destroyed.

In movies beautiful young lovers can die tragically of slow, painful wasting diseases and your jaw doesn’t even quiver once because you’re too busy thinking about how good they look despite the illness makeup.

* * * * *

Good people die, bad people live and horrible injustices are done all the time
But good things happen too!

One time my friends met Wink Martindale and I at the Victoria pub in the afternoon,
where we spent a good amount of hours chatting about vajazzles –
people who sleep with corgis.

We have The American Prospect and The Drudge Report.

The hearthtrob Robert Pattison’s heartthrob smooches go for $20,000 apiece at the Cannes amfAR benefit

Somehow Rey managed to struggle free from the rope strung around his neck, after being left to die a slow death by strangulation as punishment for being a bad Spanish greyhound.

There’s the first night of The Bachelorette.

In Castletownbere Harbour people are able to get a ready market for their butter, eggs and fowl, and are able to live in fairly good circumstances

We are capable of finding the fun in good math and shredding bad math and squashing the crackpots who espouse it

* * * * *

Good news: people are living longer.

Bad news: clients who do not expect to live long should not buy longevity insurance, and should stay away from variable annuity living benefit riders or immediate annuities as well. Like most insurance products, options are available to customize .

* * * * *

Good news: Sometimes Good people die and the BAD people continue to live and not make much difference.

* * * * *

But it does seem that good people appear to die young while rogues live for much longer.

In a fair world good people would live forever.

They would never lack food or drink, and anything they could possibly need or even want would be theirs for the asking. Meanwhile, bad people would perish from off the face of the earth.

* * * * *

Brigadier General Francis Hummel is a man of honour.
For years he has watched good men die while engaged in covert operations.
It would be easy for him to walk around saying
“Why is this world so unfair? Please don’t tell me ‘We can’t understand G-d’s ways.’ I am sick of hearing that. I want an explanation.”

But he doesn’t.

* * * * *

Most people want to lives and never die.
They want power to never have to suffer at all, but rather live their lives as gods.
(i.e. “Summer is almost over – hurry, live now!”)
Sometimes, famous people like Bill Gates may start to wonder if “fate and history” have chosen them.

I know it’s not a pleasant thought, and they didn’t tell you this stuff in seminary, but this is the world we live in.

* * * * *

Maybe there aren’t just good people and bad people???
I’ve never really been easy with this. It just seems so complex.

The biblical answer is there are no “good” people. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that all of us are tainted by and infected with sin.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that does label people.
Thin people good (healthy)? Fat people bad (could die)?

Good or Bad? (Does it make you who you are?)

Several characters talk of “good people” and “bad people” in Lost.

The ancients taught that the Universe is in perfect balance and, as such, we live in a world of duality. Everything you see in the world has its opposite: light/dark, up/down, male/female, hot/cold, Michael Knight and his fancy sportscar Kit/Evil Michael Knight and his evil sportscar, etc.

You cannot acknowledge “good” and “bad” things without acknowledging that there are absolute “good” and “bad” or “evil” in the world. By this acknowledgment, one is believing in a universal truth; whether intentionally or not.

You can imagine a bad person like Rush Limbaugh – an admitted drug addict who manipulated his maid into buying him drugs and has become very rich getting everyday Americans to act against their own self-interest – saying:

“Where do you get off condemning others?
What do you know about self destructive habits or ‘drugging’?
Who are these ‘horrible people’ ?
Is it fair that I die before you because I have ‘self-destructive habits’ ??
There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad” people; ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are only human perceptions.
Yes, I once was confident that there was a certain level of evil that only a “bad person” could commit, that there was some invisible line.
But then I started taking Percocet and didn’t worry about it.”

* * * * *

Often we forget that the line between good and evil runs inside all of us.
(WOW!!! He seems like such an Angel.)
(Mussolini made the trains run on time and Hitler was very kind to his dogs.)

* * * * *

Life isn’t fair, and sometimes good people die (Scofield), while bad people live (Tony Soprano).

And sometimes, the bad people aren’t completely bad. Sometimes, their dirty methods can be completely justified (Tony Soprano).

Nero outlawed mimes in Rome–which may mean that he wasn’t such a bad man after all.

* * * * *

There is no assurance that when you do good you die well.
After all, Christianity was never about death insurance policy.

The law of sowing and reaping, or what goes around comes around, is in effect,
but we live in a VERY imperfect world.

Some real bad sinners die horribly(Hitler did) while some die in a peaceful bed(Pol-pot).

In the New Testament it says that once a person dies, he is “acquitted from his sin.” (Romans 6:7, 23)

But if both good and bad people die and nobody experiences suffering after death, where is God’s justice?

* * * * *

Levon Helms might have said, “So can we reconcile the record with the sons and the daughters that cry; All I can say without reservation is it’s awkward when bad people die”

But did you know that when Jeffery Dahmer, Tim McVie, and other human monsters die is it actually healthy to be happy?

It’s not the loss of life we celebrate but rather the fact that many people will live because this person(s) died
(assuming they would have killed more people, which is a safe assumption).

* * * * *

Cynics say that for good people to do bad things all it take is religion.

As for this point about religion having some sort of special ability to make good people do bad things…

Some do. Some don’t.

* * * * *

In summary, I have not expressed my feelings about a Divine overseer so much as I’ve expressed frustration at an often arbitrary and cruel world where seemingly good and decent people die while far less deserving souls prosper.

Moral questions do not have easy solutions, and even the hard solutions aren’t perfect.
Bad things happen to all people and life often seems very unfair.

Death is rarely fair. A bullet has no conscience; neither does a malignant tumor or an automobile gone out of control. The good people die and the bad people live. That is the way of the world and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

A rose by any other name is just another battle and war and pain and death from beginning to end, with small bits of personal peace and reward.

Good people die, and bad people live too long?
Good people die young, and it just seems like bad people live forever?

I don’t have a perfect answer for you, I’m quite sure that many individuals are disappointed by this, but what I do know is that trials and tribulation cause us to grow

Every moment Incredible joy and sorrow are but a few minutes away.
What matters more is what you do about it next.

People need to value everything and everyone they have.

I hope this brings you some understanding and hope.

word collage of search results snippets for the phrase “Why Do Good People Die and Bad People Live On?” with some additional text added.

Of the source material that I found, I think one of the saddest lines was “Some real bad sinners die horribly(Hitler did)” for a variety of reasons, one of them being the sheer level of historical inaccuracy.

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  1. shannondede

     /  December 27, 2013

    Sadly this is so very true and I enjoy this article. This is a subject that is very REAL and has been asked for generations. I believe that EVIL People have extra protection from Satan. After all, this world belongs to Satan and according to God, is his domain. It is only natural to believe that the Innocent and Pure Hearted People would die young being constantly attacked by Evil hearted people. A broken heart can actually kill you. I know too many people who have died from a broken heart. Mean people simply LOVE to devour the Purity of a rare people. Thankfully, God is real and receives them home to end their suffering of this earth.


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