STOMP is Back With New Surprises

They throw mittens around kittens
and STOMP on them.

They STOMP on a whole new bag of issues.
They STOMP on corruption and all that jazz.
They STOMP on Bed Bugs.
They STOMP on even a few surprise celebrity guests.

STOMP finds beautiful noises in the strangest places –
atmospheric piano, wistful guitar hooks and gritty Southern rock –
then they STOMP on those places
until the noise stops.

This return of the percussive hit features
40+ levels of non-stop STOMPING, including:
Chinese New Year’s Dragon STOMPING,
and Pre-pubescent Chinese Gymnast STOMPING.

There’s also
The Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer STOMP,
The Two Little Hands of a Baby Venus de Milo STOMP,
Monster STOMP,
Choo-Choo Train STOMP,
80s Hair Metal Revivalist STOMP,
The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash STOMP,
and The Savvy Grouse Straight From The Farm to Your Breakfast Table STOMP.

As a bonus, at special children’s matinees they also do the
Is There a Door or Other Object in Your Happy Meal STOMP.

The new approach tones down their trademark humour,
but they do pull back the curtain on Sweet Dee in the back seat
puking all over the drumkit
and then STOMP on her.

If you focus on the stage,
you’ll start to see some new and old faces
in this compilation of STOMPING.

One face is so ugly she would make a buzzard back off from a bucket of guts,
but, not surprisingly, that doesn’t stop her from being STOMPED.

They STOMP on Selina’s forehead after she’s received serious burns.

They STOMP on caring paramedics showing Mister Rogers how a whistle, clap of the hands or pressure on the femoral artery may be sufficient to stop the bleeding.

They STOMP on the Gang of Four during a simulated show trial.

In one memorable section, an up-and-coming singer reported to be modeled after the real-life Frank Sinatra tosses something into a well and runs through Lafayette Cemetery
and is STOMPED.

The best part is when one of the actors comes into the audience and while gnawing on your hand and kicking the crap out of your forearm with his hind legs is STOMPED by another actor.

If you’ve got a tattoo on your lower back,
it might as well be a bullseye
because they’re bound to STOMP on it.

In the finale
a two-headed kitten and cow (What a rare surprise!)
is STOMPED on,
a Flying lemur is STOMPED on,
then they STOMP on a Baby Bear’s front paws and finish by
STOMPING newborn humans using a water pipe.

But is there enough STOMPING?
Positively Absolutely And How!

So stop sitting on your sofa
trying 314 times NOT to smile
and see what all the STOMPING is about!

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