a crash test dummy
submerged in a shallow pool
when the flipping stops

breathing (dadaist haiku)

collage poetry

John Paul III

the least considered
of the miracles is you
with your father’s eyes

Illustrated 5-5-6 Dadaist Haiku

illustrated dadaist haiku

Morning’s Earlier And Faster (Haiku for the Schuylkill Expressway)

If there’s no way to avoid past mistakes,
pass over them as quickly as you can
by getting there before the others do.

antelope haiku

how or so it seems
an antelope embodies
swiftness on the plains

how or so it seems
an antelope embodies
many prior deaths

how or so it seems
an antelope embodies
our view of the world

Asemic Haiku

asemic haiku

Asemic Haiku

asemic haiku

A Haiku That Is Slightly More Optimistic In Tone Than May Be Warranted

Fear not, little mouse
“dancing” on stage with kittens
inside a cobra!


Close-talking Jesus Haiku


close-talking Jesus
please move back a little; your
thorns are scratching me



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